Sunday, June 21, 2009

More about the baby daddy

It's high time you know a little more about the baby daddy.

The moment Kaylee was born, it was like he transformed. Instant daddy. I remember looking at him in total amazement. He held her with such ease and looked as if he'd been doing this whole baby thing forever. It just came so natural, and I remember thinking how lucky I was to have a man like him.

He's got a quiet confidence about him. He takes everything in stride and doesn't let things get to him. He's calm when I freak out, and he remains level-headed when I overreact.

He weathered all the late night craziness of life with a newborn and never checked out - he never made me go it alone. He picked up extra slack when I couldn't do much of anything, and he didn't treat me any different even on the days when I treated him like crap before I got treatment for my postpartum depression.

He never complained. He never excused himself from any parenting tasks. He did dirty diapers, baths, middle of the night feedings, washing baby stuff. Heck, he learned how to put the breast pump together for me.

Kaylee has always been fascinated with him.

She's got a special relationship with him that's unlike her relationship with anyone else. They have their own way of playing and horsing around. She's just crazy about him, and the feeling is quite mutual.

He's an amazing dad - he's fun, he's giving, and he sticks to his guns, no matter hard Kaylee makes it when she unleashes her overpowering puppy dog eyes and equally cute pouty lips.

I managed to snag quite a catch, and Kaylee got herself one heck of a dad in the process.

I love you, Babe. You're an amazing dad to Kaylee, and I couldn't have made it through all the tough stuff without you by my side every step of the way.

Happy Father's Day, sweetie.


blueviolet said...

Yay for you for getting one of the good ones!

I love how she's looking up at him in that one photo!

Mom said...

You said it all, Sera. Dennis is an amazing Dad and husband.

Dani said...

What a wonderful tribute post! You are a very lucky/blessed woman! So is your daughter... :)

Jenners said...

This is sooooooo sweet! I love it! I love the one with Kaylee's big eyes just locked in on his! You are one lucky lady, Kaylee is one lucky baby and your hubby is lucky to have both of you.

This was great!