Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It Ain't Easy Bein' a Diva

I attempted to have a photo shoot with Kaylee yesterday so we could get our photo greeting cards ordered and printed at Costco. (Yep, I know Christmas is next week - it's just the way I roll this year). We spent a long time taking pictures, and I got some great ones, but our session was cut short when she began to attempt shredding the froofy layer of her dress with her single razor sharp tooth. We promptly ended our time trying to get the "perfect" shot for the Christmas card and high tailed it to the kitchen to fill up on Tylenol, teething tablets and a teething ring from the fridge.

This photo totally captures the essence of Kaylee's diva side. I love it.

Head on over to 7 Clown Circus for more Wordful Wednesday posts from other bloggers. And, while you're bopping all over the blog world, check out one of my favorite bloggers, Jenners, over at Life With a Little One and More. She's giving away at Target gift card. Hello! Who doesn't want a Target gift card right now?

(For any of you out there that regularly follow my blog, this last week has been insane with trips out of town, holiday parties, a stomach bug, and work. I miss my blog and all the happenings of the blog world. I'm back in action, so watch out!)


April said...

SOOO glad your back and feeling better! The syomach bug SUCKS!!!!!!!!! It seemed like we had it forever. I tried to leave you an award over at my place but my computer/blogger/signal was not being very nice. Anyway, you were one of my chosen 5 so go ahead and go check it out. Also, I love her dress! She is so cute!

angie said...

Oh my gosh.......I don't think there are words to convey how much I LOVE this diva baby. Is this your card picture?

sassy stephanie said...

Oh she is just so precious!

Jenners said...


Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling good! I've been incredibly "behind" in my blogging (like it is a paid job I have) and I was just stopping by because I saw your new post and realized I hadn't seen this one either!!! She is soooooo cute! And I love what you do with the hats! Got to go ... I'm under a little pressure to focus more on getting ready for Christmas... I've got your extra entries for the contest too!

Kristy said...

How Cute...I have a daughter named Kayla who is just 5 months old! Kaylee is such a cute name as well! We have photo shoots at least once a week...aren't they fun?