Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's a list. I love lists. :)

Time for another Writer's Workshop over at Mama's Losin' It. This week's prompt?

10 Things I'm Currently Sick Of

1. Adam Lambert

2. Headlines about how Kris Allen's American Idol win was an "upset." He won. Get over it, people. America likes him better, and that's that. So, just shut up already.

3. My chipped polish toenails. It's high time to cash in my pedicure gift certificate...

4. Our crazy, almost jungle like weedy front and back yards.

5. Soy milk. I got a case of it at Costco, and I'm so tired of it. I'm so tired of it, in fact, that I'm sneaking the baby's WHOLE milk instead of drinking the 2% that's also in the fridge. Naughty, naughty...

6. The lack of pictures up on my walls. I'm working on it. Hung 3 new ones yesterday, but our entryway and hallway is still barren. Soon - I shall hang more pictures up soon.

7. The never. ENDING laundry in this house. Just when I think I've done all 73 loads, then I happen to enter the nursery and notice that the baby's hamper is overflowing.

8. My hair. And that's precisely why I just got off the phone with the salon and scheduled a haircut for Saturday.

9. Not being able to find my keys. Seriously. I think it's been a month. I got HOME - they've got to be here somewhere. I think it costs $80 some bucks to replace the car key since it's got a freaking computer chip in it. Let's not even mention the 2 different work keys that also happen to be on my keychain...

10. My itchy, scratchy, watery allergy eyes. Pollen is such a biatch.


Summer said...

Weren't you sooooo happy Adam didn't win????

Deb said...

what? you don't love laundry? what's not to love?? : )

you will HAVE to post a photo of the new 'do.

i know... i am so sad that kris's win is surrounded in controversy. i like adam, but i voted for kris. not because of anything other than i like kris's sound and what he does to the arrangements (and he is a little, okay a lot, cute).

Golden Girl said...

Enjoyed your post. We share some of the same issues: 4, 8, & 10. I am actually out of eye drops. Torture! Take care.

sassy stephanie said...

I'm such a list maker. And the laundry...ha! That's nothin! Try three kids and a hubby that changes at least once a day. 73 loads in light!

Leisia said...

I am starting to think my name has changed to "Laundry".

Jenners said...

Damn...I should have done this one. I love lists!!! And the pollen is just making us miserable here .. I'm afraid to go outside!!!

Mama Kat said...

I am ALWAYS losing my keys!

And the Adam thing has had me confused too. How is it an "upset" when he legitimately lost the popular vote. He's not as popular. It's only an upset to the minority of the voters. WhatEVER media.