Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's finally time.

Back in January of this year, I sat down and started to chronicle my journey through postpartum depression. It really helped me to process what I'd been through, and it gave me some closure.

The posts have been sitting in draft mode here on my blog, ready and waiting to be published. Up until now, I've just shared little tid bits about my struggles with this lovely postpartum conundrum, but now I'm finally ready to share the whole story.

I know we're all busy people, so instead of writing one big, long post I've broken my story up into 5 parts. They're short enough to read while you have your morning cup of coffee, or while you lock yourself in your office for 5 minutes to get a timeout from the world.

So, I just wanted to let you know that things will be taking on a bit of a more serious tone around here for the next few days, but worry not, because you'll still find some humor thrown in from time to time, and we'll be back to the funny stuff before you know it.

It's just time for me to do this.


Summer said...

I can't wait to read it!!!

Kelly said...

I am SO glad to see that you are going to do your 5 part series on postpartum because SO many of us can relate!!