Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today I will cut myself some slack. I won't freak out that my house is a disaster again, and I won't beat myself up for the fact that I haven't exercised at all this week.

Today I will open up all the windows in my house, let the fresh air in, and listen to the birds chirping while I thank God for all the amazing things he's done for me.

Today I will eat a piece of birthday cake for lunch, and I will let my daughter do the same.

Today I will put aside the laundry, forget about the 2 sinks of dirty dishes, the counter top covered in junk, and the countless Cheerios that have been stomped into the carpet, and I will cuddle with my daughter. For as long as she will let me.

Today I'll leave my computer off for a few hours.

Today I'll skip the shower, put my hair in a ponytail and call it good, because sleeping in is a fabulous luxury, and it's even greater when you've got a 1-year-old next to you talking with her hands - in her sleep.

Today I will look in the mirror and I will like what I see instead of choosing to focus on my flaws.

Today I've realized that I need to make an effort to have more days just like this.

Today is good.


Deb said...

i'll be over for lunch! oh wait, that was yesterday...

great list. i hope you stuck to it!

Molly said...

I love it. It takes serious will power to not worry about everything in the house! Good fro you! Have fun with your 1 year old today!! :)

Mom said...

Way to go, Sera! I would do some of the same things to enjoy the day but I won't do the ponytail thing. I would look ridiculous in a ponytail!

sassy stephanie said...

Love this post Sara. Great one.

Only, young mommy. You have a few things to learn. Birthdays....cake for breakfast. Not only the day of, but until it's gone.

whereismymind said...

Hope it was a fantastic day!!!! We all need to do that every now and then... And I hope that that beautiful little girl (and her parents!) had an amazing birthday! YAY!

Jenners said...

Now just do this once a week and life will be grand! : )

Jen-ben said...

you're so awesome sera! love this!!