Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute - To fresh air

Ahhhhh...fresh air. Don't you love it?

I grew up in small towns in the Midwest, and some of my fondest childhood memories were of times when I was outside.

A few favorite fresh air memories...

Waiting until the sun was shining on my grandma's swing set so we could go outside and play on it.

Catching frogs.


Learning how to skip rocks from my Gramps.

Playing in the rock forts behind my grandparents' house with my cousins.

Swimming in the plastic kiddie pool in the backyard.

Running through sprinklers in the summer.

Jumping rope.

Playing jacks.

Building sand castles and volcanoes in the sand box.

Building snowmen and sledding.

Going camping and hunting.

The list goes on and on.

I suppose since it was such a huge part of my childhood, my love for the outdoors is just stuck with me for life, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

To me, there is just something so peaceful about getting away from the hustle and bustle. Getting away from sirens, honking horns, all the sounds of the city, and going to a place where you can't hear much of anything.

My favorite places to go are places where it's so quiet I can hear the wind rustling the leaves on the trees, I can hear the birds chirping, and where I can hear streams of water. The air is crisp, and clean, and just so darn refreshing.

I still love fishing, hiking, swinging at the park, camping (in a tent, not a camper) going for walks, skipping rocks...just being outside in general.

Oftentimes, when I start to realize that I'm losing my patience and feeling cooped up, Kaylee and I go outside. The fresh air hits her face and she just opens her mouth wide like she's trying to capture it. Just like this.

There really is nothing like a breath of fresh air.

So, when I heard about the Fresh Air Fund, I could hardly wait to tell you about it.

The Fresh Air fund provides upwards of 5,000 kids from New York City's roughest neighborhoods the chance to spend a couple weeks in the country or the suburbs during the summer months.

I can't imagine what my childhood would have been like had I not been able to be outside so much. I think every kid deserves to have an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air without having to worry about all the stuff that kids in the inner-city have to worry about.

The Fresh Air Fund needs volunteer families to host kiddos for a couple weeks this summer. If you can't do that, or if you don't live in an area that needs host families, you can help by donating to this awesome organization. Click here to find out if host families are needed in your area, and click here to learn more about this organization that's all about helping kids get the most out of childhood.

This post is a part of Tuesdays' Tribute hosted by Angie at Seven Clown Circus.


MamabearMills said...

I wish we had any fresh air here in Nevada! Sheesh!

Deb said...

i've never heard of the fresh air fund! what a great cause... it is really true, something i took completely for granted growing up. my kids are running around through the woods out back, now.

angie said...

How very cool. I have very similar memories of my childhood.........and I certainly take them for granted. I've never stopped to think that many kids then and now never have had those opportunities.

Jenners said...

I love your childhood memories ... sounds idyllic!

April said...

That's actually a really cool program! I had no idea!

On the other hand, do you think they have like...a Smog Fund? Where they send those of us who live in the middle of nowhere (with plenty rustling trees *snore*) to the city??? lol