Thursday, April 16, 2009

Don't mind me. I'm just using my imagination.

It's that time again. Time for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop, and this week I am so excited about the prompt because I get to imagine what I would do if I had $400 to spend. That's pretty amazing, considering my monthly allowance is about 20 bucks.

Of course, Mama Kat's prompt said I had to talk about ONE (and it was in all caps) thing that I would spend the money on. But, that's just not how I roll. If I've got a big wad of cash, I see how many things I can get with it. Plus, I can't really think of a $400 product that I want at the moment.

So, join me as I happily pretend that I could actually have all of these things. All at once.

Alright - so, I've got myself $400.

First, I would hit the mall. Duh.

I waltz into The Buckle, and I buy myself a pair of Lucky brand jeans. Because they always fit just right, and I haven't been able to wear a pair since I was 16 and no other brand of jeans fit my short legs. They are insanely expensive, but so well constructed. I've missed my Lucky jeans, so that's my first purchase.

$400 - $99 = $301

Since I'm at the mall, I think I'll head on down to Barnes and Noble. I shall order a Chai Latte made with soy milk.

$301 - $3.15 = $297.85

Gosh darn it, now I'm hungry. Guess I'll take a piece of crumble coffee cake, too.

$297.85 - $1.85 = $296

Well, would you look at the time, it's still before 6 p.m. I think I'll go catch a matinee. So, one ticket to see I Love You, Man - $5. Can of soda - $0. Kit Kat from home $0. Having a purse big enough to smuggle in movie treats - Priceless. :)

$296 - $5 = $291

Ok, well. There just happens to be a salon in the same complex as the theeatah, so I think I need to stop in and treat myself...

About 3 years ago I received a gift certificate for an Aveda botanical skin resurfacing (natural alternative to microdermabrasion) facial, and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. SO. I'll take one of those...

And, my feet deserve some royal treatment since I trekked around the mall and wore them out. Plus, they look horrendous, and I want them to look beautiful. So, I'll take one of these, too, please. Spa style, with a parrafin wax dip, salt scrub, THE WORKS.

Ahhhh....I feel relaxed just talking about it. So, let's tally up the remaining cash money.

$291 - $85 facial = $206 - $65 pedicure = $141

By this time, I'm so relaxed I probably shouldn't be driving, so I head home to do some online shopping.

First purchase? A case of these puppies. Hey, I need to restock my at-home stash, and there have been many times I wish I had a six pack around, but I didn't, so now all will be well with the world...

$141 - $26.99 = $114.01

Next, I head to But, this next purchase needs an explanation. First off, these shoes are on sale. Second, in real life, I would never buy these shoes because I know I would twist my ankle and quite possibly even break it. But, I love these shoes, I've always wanted a pair, and this thing is all pretend anyway, so back off. I'm buying these shoes, dammit.

$114.01 - $32.99 = $81.02

And, I need a dress to go with the shoes...

$81.02 - $67.50 = $13.52

These beauties should top off the outfit.

$13.52 - $20 on etsy = negative $6.48

Hey, what my husband doesn't know won't hurt him. ;)


"FINE"al thoughts... said...

Stopping by from Mama Kat's WW. Your post is the first one I've read about the 400 bucks. Good ideas...I see you have a few bucks leftover. Can I come to the show, too?

April said...

I loved going on your shopping trip with you. I am gambleing the money Sat night so pics later! And I would so break my ankle in those shoes too but they kick ass so what the hell!

Molly said...

So why don't you do like on America's next top model and pick someone to do with you? And duh, thats me because I had this awesome idea. :) Great shopping list!

Deb said...

i am with you on those shoes, sister! but, like you, i would never in a million years wear them. i totally would if a) i had someplace really cool to go in them or b) had the body to fit into the black dress or c) wouldn't fall on my tush trying to walk in them.

sassy stephanie said...

You're good. I'd a blown in all on sassy denim. I'm a high end bj whore.

Dan said...

Not at all dedicated to shopping are you? I like the detail in the list - I wouldn't be able to put together a string - one big thing and then its over.

Mommynightowl said...

yummy, I love starbucks coffee cake!

lol, this is so the adult woman version to "if you give a mouse a cookie"

GREAT post

angie said...

Loved all your picks! I think I drooled a little when I saw the coffee cake!

Under you at SITS roll call, stopping by to say hi!

Jenners said...

I loved this!!!! And I love that you kept a running total ... how very realistic! What a great use of $400...and then some. And seriously, are those jeans really that good? I'm a "shortie" and I have a terrible time finding jeans for my short legs. I try petites, which in my mind, is for SHORT people and they are STILL five inches too long!

Mommy In Pink said...

Holy Crap...were we like sisters in another life? My signature drink is a Venti Soy Chai Latte! too funny!

Mama Kat said...

I love the way you did this and now I am relaxed. That was a fun trip to the mall...and money well spent I might add!