Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The budding cleptomaniac, the dreaded unfollower, and some vodka

So, this week, Mama Kat's got a fantastic smorgasbord of writing prompts for Thursday Writer's Workshop, and I can't pick just one. So, here are the ones I've chosen.

Why did you do it?

Well, this is what I would ask today's "unfollower" of my blog. Was it the picture of my kid hanging off the dryer that did it? Unfollowers make me sad. But, then I get over it. I also notice that people have a tendency to follow my blog in order to get an extra entry in a giveaway, and as soon as they lose, they unfollow. LAME. In the words of Mama Kat, "Don't hate me 'cause you ain't me."

What is a common misconception about you?

Well, lots of people think I'm younger than I am. Let's back up in time for a moment, shall we?

When I was in high school, our family would go to restaurants and the servers would ask if I wanted a kid's menu. Uh, no thanks. And I happen to be nearly 6 years older than my brother, who did not get asked for a kid's menu.

I've also been carded for rated R movies. BUT, when I bought vodka once for an Italian sauce I was making, the cashier told me she didn't need my ID because she noticed the wrinkles by my eyes. Yowch.

People said I'd appreciate these comments (aside from the wrinkle one) when I hit 40. Well, I'm only 25, but let me tell you. I am loving these comments right now.

Describe a moment when you felt afraid.

Well, today I was afraid twice, so you get to hear about both times.

First scary moment of the day: So, I totally tripped over my own two feet and landed on my booty in aerobics class today. In the front row, no less. I twisted my ankle, which hurt at the moment it happened. I was so afraid I hurt it and someone would have to carry me to the hospital across the street, because no WAY was I going to pay for an ambulance to transport me less than a block away. But, lo and behold - it was all just fine and dandy.

Second scary moment of the day: I was so scared because I thought that for sure I'd be having my first encounter with one of the pot bellied 80-year-old security guards at the mall. In fact, the only thing keeping me from having a major freak out right there was knowing that I could outrun the old geezers. So anyway, back to the point...

Kaylee and I went to the mall and took a gander through The Children's Place. I had her in the Snugli carrier so I didn't have to maneuver a stroller through the racks of clothing. Well, we were just window shopping. I left the store and didn't buy a thing (which takes an amazing amount of restraint in such a store). We get to the exit of the mall, and I look down to see Kaylee playing with a pair of pink baby crocs (which, by the way, she already has a pair of at home). I high tailed it back to the store and put them on the rack. No one said a word.

Are you always right?

Well, if we're talking about all general matters of my life, such as arguments with my husband, ideas I have about what we should spend money on, and basically everything that does not have to with American Idol, then yes. I am always right. My darn American Idol predictions about who's getting the boot have, unfortunately, ruined my perfect record of always being right. Except tonight - I was spot on for tonight, so I guess you could say that 99.972 % of the time I am absolutely, positively always right.

But please don't ask my husband to answer that.


Kristen said...

Oh my gosh! J-bug took a souvenir today too! From Target. I have to bring it back tomorrow...or just put it in her Easter Basket. lol!

Dennis said...

As far as arguments between us: I'd say you're right 30% of the time, all the time.

Deb said...

oh baby... i was spot on last night, too! whoo hooo!

you know, that cuteness does make an excellent cover for kaylee. i'd watch her, if i were you.

Becky said...

I have the same issue with reality TV bringing down my 'right' average.

Debbie said...

I can so relate to getting mistaken for someone younger. I have been told my parents volunteering in the school to get in line. My response, "I'd gladly get in line with my students, if you just take over my class."

Jaime said...

i hate it when people "unfollow" my blog too

Jenners said...

I'm sure the unfollower is a giveaway junkie because it isn't your writing!