Monday, December 21, 2009

Making it on to my very first Top 10 list

Today Katherine Stone, author of the the most widely-read blog in the country on depression and anxiety during pregnancy and the postpartum period - Postpartum Progress - named the top 10 writers on postpartum depression in 2009.

When she emailed me last week to inform me that I was one of her choices, I was honored beyond words. Katherine has the most comprehensive site that I've ever come across when it comes to all types of postpartum mood disorders.

Katherine is a survivor of postpartum OCD and is an incredible advocate for women who suffer from postpartum mood disorders of all kinds. Her site shares information for women, their families and spouses, and information for practitioners.

She shatters the stigma associated with mental illness, and she does an amazing job of showing that we are not in this alone - there are so many others going through the same struggles as we are, and there is help out there for us.

Mosey on over and take a look at her selections for the year...

Top Ten Writers on Postpartum Depression in 2009

This is the post that she selected of mine:

"I'll Huff and I'll Puff and I'll Blow This House Down"

Tremendous thanks to Katherine for including me in this list of incredible writers and survivors.


Rachel McPhillips said...

Somehow I overlooked the post, and I needed it today! I have been going through the rage and anger stage and honestly have been too lazy to go get my Lexapro filled. So, I went today and hopefully in a week, I will be back to normal! Congrats on your Top Ten list... you are an inspiration to other mothers going through the same thing!

Molly said...

Congratulations, Sera! That is awesome. You have been an inspiration to me on this very topic and I know you have been to many others!

Jenners said...

Wow! Congrats! I'm so so proud of you ... you've really made this your cause and you write so well about this topic and are so honest. I'm not surprised she picked you. I'm so proud of you.

Katherine Stone said...

You deserve it! Thank YOU for continuing to share your story and be so honest and open. You are helping others every time you write!