Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

And I wish the fire inside was delightful, but we don't have a fireplace, so I'll settle for the heat brought to us by our lovely and oh-so-attractive propane tank. Ahhh...Sweet Lady Propane (that's for all you King of the Hill fans...)

Today is one of those ideal days that I usually only dream about.

Dennis decided to take a personal day to spend with Kaylee and I - what a guy, right?

It has been SO lovely.

We had planned on going into town so Kaylee and I could go to our exercise class, but then we realized we were in the middle of a winter storm warning that lasts until noon tomorrow. So, it took us about - oh, 5 seconds to decide we'd park our little booties at home for the day.

I looked outside and the ground was wet from rain, and the skies were nothing but gray.

I sat and hoped for lots of snow.

And then it came.

We've been sitting at home, relaxing, watching these big huge FAT snowflakes fall outside our window, and I couldn't think of a better way to spend a day with my family.

No plans. No agendas. Just being together. Being warm and cozy in our little house while the snow falls outside. (Kaylee keeps looking outside at the snow falling and yelling, "Noisy! Noisy!" Not quite sure what that's all about...)

It's days like this when simplicity reigns. I feel at peace. I feel content, and I am oh-so-thankful for all that we've been given.

Now, time to bust out some Frank Sinatra and Beyonce Christmas tunes while I dig out the Christmas decorations and toss back a mug of chai. Mmmmm...


Deb said...

we had an early in the season snow storm here this weekend, and it was awesome. there is no better excuse to put on the brakes than snowy (noisy) weather!

blueviolet said...

You make it sound magical!

hotpants™ said...

It sounds like a lovely day. Enjoy!

Summer said...

Aweeee, jealousy!

We have an insane rain storm here....hasn't stopped all freaking day long.

But, I have to tell you. I tried breaking up my To Do List and made a list per day....and woah mama....what a freeing feeling!

Love it! And you!

Loukia said...

Those days? Are the BEST days!

Jenners said...

I know just what you mean!!! Perfection!