Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mommy Brain Moment of the Week

I suffer from frequent Mommy Brain moments. When I was pregnant, Dennis and I called it "Preggo Brain" and said it was the baby stealing my brain cells. I would just say the dumbest things that made no sense at all. Well, now that I'm breastfeeding, I claim that my brains leave via my boobs, because I still say, and do, stupid stuff that makes no sense to me. Take today for example.

I decide to dress Kaylee in a really cute linen shirt that my father-in-law brought home for her after his last trip to Costa Rica. It's an off white color, so I wanted her to wear her brown pants with it - you know, keeping with the earth tones. I mean, we won't be leaving the house at all today, except to get the mail, so - for crying outloud - we've got to be matching for all the people we're bound to see. Well, I can't find the pants in her closet or her dresser, so I figure they must be in the dryer, waiting to be folded. So she wears yellow pants instead. Close enough.

Well, I finally take my shower and go perusing through my closet for a t-shirt, when I find this, among the clothes in my closet. Yep, I'm losing it.

Care to indulge me with your own preggo brain/mommy brain story, so as to make me feel a little better about myself? Anyone? Anyone? Beuhler?


April said...

Trust me, those brain cells NEVER come back. Tell your hubby to get use to it.

Sera said...

Ha ha ha! I think he lost all hope of them ever coming back a LONG time ago...