Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday's Confession

Here's my confession:

A few weeks ago, my boss called me and told me that I did not have to come to work on November 24th because she over-scheduled our staff. Yay, right? Sure, but it's only a "yay" if you remember to mark it down on your calendar that you, in fact, DO NOT have to come to work. Since my brain cells seem to be escaping my body at an exponential rate these days, I somehow managed to forget to make this itsy little correction to my calendar.

So, I get up, get the baby ready, get my car packed, and right before I get ready to leave, I realize I don't have the stroller in my car. Dennis still has it in his Jeep. And he's already left for work. Which, is a problem because the babysitter walks her kids to school every day and pushes Kaylee in the stroller. I call Dennis up to tell him about our little stroller situation, and lo and behold, he happens to be at the babysitter's when I call him because he realized we forgot to make the stroller switcheroo this morning, and he was there to drop it off for her. He informs me that while the babysitter is still willing to take Kaylee today, she has just informed him that I told her weeks ago that we didn't need her today after all.


I was just thankful that we had our little snafu with the stroller, beacuse what if I had actually shown up at the babysitter's this morning? All snazzy in my work clothes, la-dee-da, "Here's Kaylee - I sent pears and squash with her today - there's an extra bottle for you to keep at your house in case I forget to bring one like I did LAST week, your check's in the mesh zippered pocket, and oh - by the way - she's got a mean diaper rash, so be sure to put lots of the Burt's Bees on her bum today? Ok? Ok. See you after work! What? You're not supposed to be watching Kaylee today? Silly lady. I knew that. I thought I'd just get dressed up nice in my work clothes (that I ironed this morning), pack the car, rush around, and pretend to drop my child off beacuse I wanted to play a joke on you. Ha ha ha - aren't I funny? BYE!"

Wow. I can't even describe to you how much of an idiot I feel like right now.

And, one more confession, just for the heck of it. I absolutely could not say no to the dinner rolls at Texas Roadhouse on Saturday. Seriously. Have you ever had them? Warm, fresh from the oven, with that addicting cinnamony butter stuff? Uh, I lost count of how many I snarfed down. But, it was okay because I didn't eat lunch that day.

Please indulge me today. Prove to me that you, too, are a Cotton-Headed Ninny Muggins and share a confession of yours from this past week. Pretty please, with sugar on top?

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Mama Kat said...

Ok Sera I got your extra entries...good luck! :)

And I LOVE Will Ferell. I'm a cotton headed ninny muggins because I scheduled a night out with the girls on my wedding anniversary!! Oops.

Jennifer said...

Oh no!! Well at least you didn't show up at work, right!?!

I do things like that ALL the time! Last week I forgot it was me 5 yr. old's "Me Day" at kindergarten. I was supposed to help him set up a presentation, go to the classroom, etc. The teacher called and was like??? So we rescheduled it to the nexxt day...

April said...

Here's a good one for ya. I totally forgot today was Monday and didn't take Toot to school. When Hubby works 7 days a week I totally loose track of days.

Sera said...

Mama Kat - We are "ginormous" Will Ferell fans at this house! Bummer about scheduling a night out with the girls on your wedding anniversary. That sucks. I wonder who will end up winning - the girls or the hubby.

Jennifer - Shucks - how embarassing. I hope the teacher was decent about it.

April - I had to laugh that you forgot to take Toot to school. My job is just part-time, and my schedule is different every single week, so I'm always mixing up my days.

Thanks for the comments - I feel a little better now. :)

Jenners said...


God, I just love Elf! That is the best holiday movie ever!!! I'm looking forward to watching it soon.

Your post just cracked me up! It is scary how quickly those brain cells start to disappear after a baby arrives, isn't it? Four years later, I'm still losing them!

My cotton-headed ninny muggins moment (taken from this past week ... I literally have 100s I could choose from) was when I was talking on my cell phone to a friend and spent almost the entire conversation frantically looking for my cell phone in my jacket, pants pockets, etc. But of course, I couldn't find it and was about to hang up the cell phone to try and go look for it when I realized I couldn't find it because I WAS TALKING ON IT! God, I felt like such an idiot!!!!!

That sucks that you didnt' get some unexpected free time and get to drop the baby at the babysitter.

And regarding Texas Roadhouse: I am a total warm roll freak (love those Cheddar Bay Biscuits at Red Lobster -- featured in an upcoming post) but I've never been to a Texas Roadhouse so I'll definitely have to check them out because, as luck and fate would have it, they are opening one in a new shopping center they are building not 5 minutes from my house!!!!! I'll be there on opening day to check them out. They sound heavenly!

Thanks for all your awesome comments on my blog too, by the way!

P.S. I've been meaning to tell you I'm a secret hip hop listener too! I think there is nothing funnier than cranking up Kayne West's "Goldigger" while driving my minivan!

Vicki said...

I've so many ninnieheaded things I can't remember just one right now. What you've got me thinking about are those rolls. LOVE them. I've decided that I'm no longer ordering actual food when I eat there. I'm just going to order dessert and then eat bread until I'm just stuffed enough to still enjoy dessert. Then I'll founder at home until all that bread quits expanding in my stomach...


I love the name of your blog laughing in choas! That is great it is the truth.

Jenners said...

Good morning!

Found your comment this morning. I have a hard time going back to check things sometimes...that is the only part of blogging that gets me mixed up. It is just easier to leave a comment to follow up on a comment on the other person's blog itself. Does that make sense? My brain cells are leaking by the 100s so I don't always remember where I was or what I said or where I'm going.

Would definitely love the Cheddar Bay Biscuit recipe. You can e-mail me at if you want or post it in a comment. Whatever is easiest for you. But if I gain 20 pounds, I am going to blame it all on you!!!! No it when you can. God knows, I have enough treats coming up on Turkey Day!!!

If you haven't already, check out the SITS blog of the day. I think you'll like it ... I thought she was terrific! I'm becoming a stalker... I mean follower.

Hope your day is terrific!

thrilled by the thought said...

Just one? My issue is I'm constantly putting my foot in my mouth. Let's see...this week, it was calling my piano student's DAD her grandpa. Yes, I'm more of a cotton headed ninny muggins than you!

Anonymous said...

OK, it took some racking, but I finally remembered one - I try to block them out so I don't just wander through life feeling like a complete idiot. :)

Remember the free Snapfish book? Well, I was planning on getting two of them, but completely forgot to make the second one through Al's e-mail... so I paid for the second book. Stupid stupid stupid!

~ Ruth

Jenners said...

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the day off and have a belly busting dinner ... with lots of rolls and treats!