Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday's Confession


I busted out the Baby Einstein DVD today when Kaylee wouldn't stop crying and refused to nap. It bought me 30 minutes of scream-free time.

Fess up - what's your Monday confession?


Anonymous said...

I left both of my kids to play outside without watching. I did work around the house. Unfortunately Maggie had fallen and I could not hear her screaming and crying from falling on the rocks. Phillip, my son, had to come in to let me know the "baby is crying" OPPS!

Allie01979 said...

I had a couple of glasses of wine, not so sure if I should nurse the kid now lol

Sera said...

Hey, sounds like a perfectly good reason to have 2 kids to me - the older one watches out for the little one. You cant watch them every second!

Allie - three words: PUMP AND DUMP. :)