Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Big 3-0!

Check it out!

Katie from Because Katie Says So! is my 30th follower! I was really hoping for another one soon so I would be at an even 30 instead of that uneven 29. (Dang OCD tendencies popping through again - I like EVEN numbers, people! EVEN!) I was *this* close, and now I'm there - woo wee!!!

Seriously. I'm such a nerd. I get so stinkin' excited when I get a new follower. Makes me feel special, like you people actually care what I have to say.

So, go pay Katie a visit right now. She's hilarious, and her blog is a lot of fun. If my memory is serving me correctly, I think she was even featured as a Saucy Blog not long ago.

Thanks, Katie - you rock!

Ok, it's past my bedtime, so I'll be back tomorrow with something. Not sure what yet, but I'll think of something. I'm planning to stay home with Kaylee, perhaps get a few things tidied up around here (what a joke, right?), and maybe go for a little walkabout in the neighborhood, if I can overcome my fear of stray dogs.

Maybe that's what I'll write about tomorrow - my dog issues...it's a thought..

Nighty, night, my fabulous readers!


KatieSaysSo said...

Awww! Thanks for the shout out Sera! You are the best! Of course I am a follower! I just couldn't believe I wasn't already!!! Since I read your blog all the time and all!! =)

April said...

Congrats on 30 followers. I'm sure you will get many more.

Jenners said...

Oh I am so obsessed with followers it isn't even funny! You should have 1,000,000s as far as I'm concerned! And Katie is such a great follower -- you can always count on her for lovely comments so you are in good hands!

Brandi said...

lol Yay! Congrats on your follower list being even! I feel ya there. I can't stand seeing uneven numbers anywhere! : )