Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's (not so) critical

One of the reasons I love kids so much is that that are hilarious. Plain and simple.

Dennis and I work with a group of kids each Sunday in church ranging from about age 5 or 6 to age 10 or so. Today, we were talking about India because some people from our church are there right now doing some medical clinics.

So, the guy who came in to speak to the kids starts asking them about India.

"Tell me what you know about India."

A few of the responses included things like -

"They don't have money and they eat crusty bread."

"They don't know about Jesus and they drink dirty water."

Fairly reasonable responses, right?

Then he starts to talk about glasses because a big part of the trip to India was to provide eyeglasses to people who can't afford them. He began to explain why it is so essential to be able to see well in order to do important tasks.

Figuring that all the kids could relate to a question about moms, he tries to explain why it is so important that moms be able to see well . He says, "What is the most critical thing that moms need to do?" (the answer he was looking for was giving their babies medicine - they need to see well in order to read the bottle and give them correct amount...anyway...)

One girl pipes up with this clever (and absolutely, positively ridiculous) answer:


For real? Cleaning? You think that's the most critical thing a mother has to do?

More critical than wiping crap off your butt, oh - I don't know - feeding you, encouraging you not to play in traffic, making sure you don't stick something in a light socket, teaching you your ABC's and 1,2,3's, helping you learn right from wrong, or taking you to the doctor when you're sick?

Those, kid - THOSE are critical things that moms have to do. Cleaning? Ha! That's actually quite a funny concept. In fact, in order for me to really, actually clean my house a couple days ago, it was absolutely necessary for me to drop my child off with her grandma for the ENTIRE day.

(Click here to read about my crazy, fun cleaning day, and click here for before and after pictures.)

That cannot happen every day. Grandmas work. And babysitters cost money. So, no - little girl. Cleaning is NOT critical.

And you can't come back to children's church next week because, well - because you just don't know what the hell you're talking about.


Jenners said...

This is funny! I actually thought the other ones were just as funny though. And my son views "cleaning" as my job too because I tell him that is what I do while he is at preschool. Though my husband always rolls his eyes when he hears this and says "Actually, Mommy stopped cleaning once she started blogging." I wish I could argue with him but he kind of has a point.

Sera said...

I loved the other answers, too. And yes, I can definitely see a connection between increase in blog time and decrease in cleaning time. But hey, what's more important? The answer is blogging. ;)

Al and Ruth and Noelle said...

You last sentence is absolutely priceless. :) Kids really are hilarious, too. People who don't get to be around kids that much have no idea what they're missing.

WishTrish said...

Well, isn't it cleaning?! LOL

Love the post!

Just dropping by from SITS!

April said...

Kids will say the funniest things. My kids no better than to say cleaning. Also, you have a beautiful home. I'm a sucker for hard wood floors.

Anna. xo. said...

Popping over from SITs. Kids can be so funny, they don't even try either!

rebecca {at} thrilled by the thought said...

Too funny!