Saturday, January 3, 2009

9 hours and 45 minutes of bliss

No, I did not have an all-day all-you-can-eat chocolate fest lasting nearly 10 hours.

I didn't have a Brad Pitt movie marathon.

And I didn't enjoy a plane ride across the country.

My 9 hours and 45 minutes of bliss occurred between the hours of 8:30 p.m. and 6:15 a.m. It was during this time that a monumental miracle happened.

Kaylee slept.

Tooth #2 has been reeking havoc on our night life. For a couple weeks we felt as if we'd been transported back to Kaylee's newborn days, waking up every 2 hours, and at times, spending an hour trying to get her back to sleep. It was torture for us, and I imagine it wasn't exactly more fun than a Barrel of Monkeys for Kaylee, either, what with her little razor sharp tooth trying to make it's appearance.

I fed her at 6:15 and she slept again from 6:30 to 9.


And if it happens again tonight, I'm sure it's a signal of Armageddon...


Jenners said...

Oh Lord! That photo of Brad is just to die for. He is soooooo beautiful! I remember watching "A River Runs Through It" with my dad in the theater and he even said "God, that Brad Pitt is one good looking guy." I just saw "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and when he isn't in old man makeup, he is sooooooo beautiful. Sigh.

Anyway, I was so happy to hear from you!!! I've missed you. I figured you were having a busy busy holiday ... and apparently going back to sleep deprivation. I'm glad that she slept last night (knock on wood) but I remember that feeling of dread ... "Will it happen again? Will he sleep or not?" And then if my son DID sleep, I didn't because I was so damn paranoid about him waking up!

So I'm glad you are back and I hope you get some sleep tonight!!!! : )

And don't get too attached to my diet/exercise blog, I think it is going to be deleted in the very very near future.

Jenners said...

Hey--came across this post and thought you might enjoy it:

Al and Ruth and Noelle said...

Between you and a friend of mine IRL, I'm offically TERRIFIED of teeth! I never knew that these innocent little pearls in the mouth which are so handy for chewing could be such a pain. Literally!

I hope the tooth breaks before you do (it sounds like it's going to happen really soon!). Hugs, friend.

Jen said...

Oh my gosh, now I have to go eat chocolate...thanks a lot. :)