Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I almost convinced him to eat dog poop

Yesterday was a tough day for me. I suck, and I mean suck at goodbyes. I get all teary and my nose gets all stuffed up and my makeup runs and I just look like a blubbering idiot. I hate goodbyes - I have never, and will never be good at them. In fact, I'd like to kick goodbyes square in the arse.

I wish I could take goodbyes and shove them inside a football. Then I'd find someone to kneel on the ground, hold the football up straight, and then I'd take a running start at that dang football of goodbyes and kick the crap out of it, just like a kicker in the NFL.

My little brother (and by little, I mean the kid towers over me and is a super lean baseball playin' machine - saying the word "little" is just my way of making me feel not so old) went back to college yesterday. Out of the state. Far, far away. (So, it's only an 8-hour-drive...it's still far away, people.)

My mom, Kaylee and I went out to breakfast with him at a quaint little mom and pop hole-in-wall breakfast joint that has the best cinnamon rolls this side of the Mississipi. We stuffed our faces, laughed at the baby, and had a darn good time. But I know that we were all dreading the end of breakfast because we'd have to say goodbye.

Let me just get this out of the way and tell you straight up that my little brother kicks ass. He's so stinkin' awesome. In all honesty, you should probably be jealous that he's not your brother. And no, I will not share him. He is my brother.

When we were kids we had our share of tiffs and fights. And, one time he was *this* close to eating a dog turd in our back yard because I convinced him that it was actually just a huge tootsie roll. I think one of my parents must have intervened at that point. I'm not really sure. All I know is that no turds were consumed that day.

Somewhere along the line, he lost the little blond curls, he quit playing with Tonka trucks, and he eventually quit wearing his bright red Mighty Morphing Power Rangers costume 24/7.

Looking back, it seems like I all did was blink and suddenly he'd traded the Tonka trucks for a catcher's mitt (did I mention the kid is a scholar athlete?), started growing facial hair, hit the weights, and managed to find one of the most beautiful, witty, giving and kind girls I've ever met, and she can handle his sarcastic humor and constant teasing. She just dishes it right back at him.

We still give each other loads of crap (although now it's figuratively speaking, and not in a, "Hey eat this because it's really a tootsie roll - I promise!" sort of way) because that's just that way we are. But, our relationship is much different than when we were kids. We can talk about stuff like politics, stupid professors, and some of our toughest struggles. Because we're both grown ups now.

I was a proud big sister on the day we brought you home...

And I'm a proud big sister right now. More than you could ever know. I love you.

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Deb said...

oh this is just so very sweet! he's adorable and just look at the three of you! it's so cute how proud you are of him... you two are lucky to have the relationship that you have.

KatieZ said...

There is nothing like the love between two siblings. My daughter is the oldest in my family and then came her brother. They are a lot like what you just described. But she is also very protective of him, and they both love each other very much.

Loved this post, Great Job!

Candice said...

That is so sweet! Well, I'm sure the tootsie roll turd wouldn't have been, but I digress. ;)

From the pictures you posted, it seems that the age difference is very similar to my own kids. My daughter is 9 and my son is 5. They really are best buds the majority of the time, and I hope they grow up to have a close relationship similar to the one that you have shared with your "big" brother.

The Frugal Angel-Guided Psychic said...

Oh what a beautiful post! He will do so very well with such a nice, compassionate sister like you :)

Kelly said...

Don't you just love being the oldest!! I could write a book on the stuff I tried to get my Sissy to do!! Oh..I finally did my letter! Sorry it took soooo long! COme check it out.

Jenners said...

Oh my gosh! This was so beautiful and loving and funny! I wish he was my brother too --- oh wait, he is my brother-separated-at-birth because you are my sister-separated at birth! (Is that wearing thin yet? I can stop you know!)

And what a coup that would have been to have your brother eat dog poo! Never in the history of kids would that be topped! I wish I had been able to accomplish that as a child ... my "little" brother ruled over me and my baby brother with an iron fist.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet pic of the three of you! You should totally frame that one. And it was a great tribute to someone who sounds like a wonderful guy. Sorry you had to say good-bye - hopefully you'll get to see him soon.

OK, so what is it about older siblings torturing their younger siblings? My older brother would always try to get me to sniff his disgusting socks. He'd tell me they smelled like cherries (they never did). And my innocent and trusting four year old little self fell for it EVERY time.


Jay @halftime lessons said...

Such a great post, Sera...happy for you. And I love your profile pic, such a happy shot, and beautiful smile.

Great Tuesday's Tribute! Hope we see you back next week!


April said...

What a sweet post.