Wednesday, February 4, 2009

These aprons are off the hizzle

So, I had Dennis take some pictures of Kaylee and I last night for a post I wanted to write about the friggin' awesome apron giveaway that is currently happening on Mama Kat's blog.

Coincidentally, a couple weeks ago when I posted about my brand new apron, there were a couple requests for a picture of the apron, and I never got around to taking a picture of it. So, I was just being a nerd (what's new?) and I put Kaylee's feet in the front pockets of the apron thinking that might be funny (not sure why, but I thought it would be...). So, we're just goofing off having a good time.

And then she decides enough is enough. Dennis caught her in mid-escape. Isn't that just the most mischievous little grin on her face? I love it.

The apron has all sorts of yummy words on it like chocolate, dessert, fondue, frosting...pretty much most of my favorite words are right there on that apron.

So, back to the reason I even had a little photo shoot with the apron last night. Mama Kat is hosting a really frickin' awesome apron giveaway. I would tell you to go check it out because you've probably never seen cuter aprons in your life. Ever. But, if I encourage you to do that, and then you enter yourself to win an apron, that will decrease MY chances of winning an apron. But, there's a giveaway every week in February, and it's impossible for me to win each week, so if only 3 of you promise to enter yourselves, then please go check it out. ;) Seriously, these aprons are the hizzy fashizzy! (Click here to check out the giveaway)

THIS is what's up for grabs this week. And they offer matching gloves to boot? In the words of Brian Regan, "Could life GET any better? I submit that it CANNOT!"

The apron will be WILL be mine....ah ha ha ha ha ha!!!

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Grandma said...

Aww, okay, I won't go try to win the apron. I will just look at that great picture of you and Kaylee instead. It's awesome!

Jenners said...

Could you and your daughter BE any cuter! I think not!

Jenners said...

And oh girlie... I just saw you are on LibraryThing! Are you Sera over there? Let's be friends! But I see that Kaylee's books are taking over your library! : )