Friday, March 20, 2009

Really? No, not really.

In regard to a recent post, just so we're clear - and especially for newbies who haven't been with me long and aren't used to my occasional sarcasm, allow me to give you the full scoop.

As funny as I think I am, I honestly don't let Kaylee play in traffic or chew on jalapenos to ease her teething pain.

In my opinion, she should be at least 11.5 months old before being allowed to partake of such risky behaviors, so she's just gonna have to hold out for a few more weeks. It is what it is, people. It is what it is.

I know - I'm a mean mother who deprives her child. Whatever.

Oh, and yes, the sock in her mouth looked clean. It probably was. She does, in fact, romp around the house with dirty socks hanging out of her mouth at times, but that picture (taken a couple months ago), is the only picture I have of her with a sock hanging out of her mouth.

Now for some random thoughts...

I'm hoping to play along for Summer's Blogversations tomorrow. We shall see...I have to work (always a ridiculously fun activity for a Saturday...) and haven't done a video yet. If I don't happen to get in on it, though - go check it out and play along if you want to.

I've joined Twitter. I joined out of pure curiosity, and at first - the concept of Twitter seemed a little ridiculous to me. But, it's actually pretty fun. Several blogging buddies are onTwitter as are several celebrities. I'm currently following The Ellen Show, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey and Taylor Swift. Couldn't bring myself to follow Martha Stewart or P Diddy (although, oddly enough, Martha Stewart follows Diddy). So, if you tweet on twitter, tweet your way on over and follow me on twitter. I need more twitter buddies, and you know you want to read my tweets.

Well, I'm signing off for the night so I can go read me some Twilight and catch some zzzz's.

Nighty, night! ;)


Summer said...

please play! Please?!?!? =)

angie said...

I always wait until my kids are at least 10 months before playing in traffic. But, that's just me. :) Laughed my butt off. You know I love your humor.

Deb said...

i'm really pretty disappointed in you. 11.5 months before playing in traffic??? here i thought you were one of those cool moms.

your video better be up pronto.

actually, diddy and martha are very good friends. i think they romp around the hamptons together. i am on twitter, too. off to track you down.

Deb said...

oh, i already follow you. oops.

Jenners said...

Oh no ... you've become a Twitterer!!! You've fallen in with them. I hear that John Mayer has some good "tweets" or "twitters" or whatever they are called. I have to be honest -- I don't really understand what it is exactly.

And did people really believe you about the peppers and the traffic??????????

And I would love to see you do a video sometime! I love hearing everyone's "real" voices and getting a feel for them. I wont' be doing one though .. I would scare everyone away!