Thursday, March 26, 2009

A little bit 'o this...a little bit 'o that.

I have been more absent from the blog lately because I've been bopping around town with Kaylee. So, let me just give you a quick little synopsis of what's been up.

I won't be posting tomorrow, but come back Saturday when I'll have my very first Blogversations with Summer video up!

Ok, so let's begin.

1. Remember how I asked you to wish us luck at Story Time at the library? You owe me an apology because you sure as heck didn't wish hard enough... It sucked. Hard core. The leader was great with the kids - they loved him. But I couldn't stand him. Sorry. I just couldn't. We bolted after about 20 minutes. I guess it was just his voice or something - I don't know. It seemed like he was on pot or something. He was way too calm and smiley and weird. But, I decided we'll check out the other local library for story time, and if that's a bust, we'll just stick to Good Night Moon and the like here in the comfort of home.

2. Kaylee loves me. She really does. And I think the playing more and cleaning less is really making a difference. And, to be honest, it's way more fun. I would take a picture of my house to show you how neglected it is, but you can just refer to my previous posts about my messy house and multiply the mess by 3. But, it's okay because it's been a great week. It really does seem to be a back and forth thing with her preferring Dennis one minute and me the next, but she's definitely going to me a lot more than she was before, and that makes me really, really happy.

3. I joined the gym again yesterday (we've been on again off again gym members depending on how our budget is, and depending on if I actually choose to get my butt to the gym). Well, my pants don't fit anymore, and I'm sick of feeling like crap about it, so I'm back in the game. Kaylee and I went to Mommy and Me today, and apparently my butt is not made entirely of fat because I don't think fat hurts. I've definitely strained some muscles, and it is hard to walk. So, yeah - I'm pretty pumped about it getting back in the swing of things. I'll be hittin' up the aerobics studio (I am a step aerobics fanatic - I LOVE it!), the elliptical, recumbent bike (because it makes me feel like I'm not working), and maybe even a spin class if I really want to torture myself. More on that to come, I'm sure.

4. If you haven't entered my giveaways, you need to get right on that. Check out the dates on the right sidebar - it's late and I'm choosing not to go back and look at the deadlines. But seriously - go enter them.

5. I went to Old Navy to get Kaylee a hat with a chin strap today because she just pulls her other hats off. Well, be still my heart if it wasn't the last day of the $5 baby sale. Would you believe that the cute, hip baby clothes on the first rack (that are NEVER on sale until next season) were all 5 bucks?!? All the baby stuff was 5 bucks. It was nuts! I got her a cute dress, 2 pairs of shoes, the hat, light pink pants that are capris that roll up into shorts, and a swimsuit (
which is too big and will need to go back) After we put Kaylee in her jammies for the night I put the hat on her so she could get used to it. She tried yankin' it off at first, but I bet she cruised around in that thing for a good hour. What a sight - pink and white polka dotted footie pajamas and a bright multi-colored flower sun hat.

6. I DVR'd In the Motherhood on ABC tonight. LOVED the web versions with Jenny McCarthy and Lea Remini (totally butchered the spelling of her name, but I'm too tired to Google it right now). Laughed my BUTT off, in fact, and now they've made a TV series of it. Can't wait to watch it. The previews looked great.

7. That reminds me - I now have THREE weeks of Grey's and Private Practice to catch up on, and I only have 2 days off of work next week - maybe we'll stay home a little more next week...I still don't know what's wrong with Izzy (don't you DARE spoil it for me, either!).

8. American Idol. We all knew Danny would be safe another week. Thank goodness. My heart has now resumed it's regular beating pattern. But, I think it's about time for Megan to go. She's getting to be a bit much.

So, this actually turned out to be a LOTTA bit 'o this and a little bit 'o that, but I have a hard time keeping things short and sweet.

Happy Friday to you all, and be sure to come back for Blogversations on Saturday!


What's This About? said...

i am telling you... less cleaning and more playing is ALWAYS the way to go!

someone needs to tell megan to stop moving. she is just impossible to watch. i can't believe she survived. who is voting for her?

Jenners said...

Oh Man ...when you hit a good one at Old Navy, you can totally clean up! And the library dude sounds a little odd. I would have fled too. And I'm glad you're working your way up in Kaylee's love hierarchy! Soon you'll be #1 -- suck that Dennis! (Just kidding, of course). And I'll have to check out that In the Motherhood ... I kept seeing it on Google Adsense ads and clicked on it and you know what kind of trouble THAT can cause.

ElizabethMT said...

I don't know where to start -- I LOVE your blog, LOVE chin-strap hats, and LOVE storytime at the Library... but I think we have different libraries, actually, so that may be why. I couldn't see your video (it said I had to be invited...? Don't know, I don't do the technology, per se) but it sounds fabulous. I hope all is well & wish you good luck navigating new-mommyhood -- I'm doing the same thing with my son, who is systematically destroying my house! :)