Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute - To Caitlin

We had quite a scare with little Kaylee last week.

Long story short - we had to take her to a children's hospital a couple hours away to get her to a specialist that could treat her for a nasty complication of an ear infection. More on that tomorrow - today is about Caitlin, an amazing nurse that cared for Kaylee 2 of the 3 nights we were in the hospital with her.

She was to the moon and back amazing. She was so gentle, and so patient with Kaylee. She let her play with the stethoscope, thermometer, just talked quietly to her and took her time in gaining Kaylee's trust.

Caitlin was constantly coming in to check on Kaylee, and to check on us, and she did a lot of the jobs that nurses normally leave for the CNAs - there was nothing she wouldn't do. If she ever got tired of my never-ending questions about what was going on with Kaylee and what the plan was, she never acted annoyed. She just answered every question as best as she could.

She told us that at that hospital, they don't just treat the patients, they treat the whole family, so she was constantly reminding Dennis and I that we needed to take care of ourselves, get out of the room every now and then, and making sure we were doing well.

She gave me hugs and talked me down from a potential panic attack. She was the only one, out of all the nurses that took care of her during our time there, that Kaylee was not uneasy around. Kaylee trusted her. She played with her. She smiled and waved at her. She wasn't afraid of her like she was most of the other nurses.

Aside from one terrible nurse that we had during 2 different day shifts, the other nurses weren't bad, but they just didn't go above and beyond like Caitlin did.

I could tell she genuinely cared about my baby and her health, as well as our whole family.

She did a phenomenal job, and we will never forget how she helped us get through the scariest thing we've had to deal with as parents to date.

*This post is a part of Tuesday's Tribute over at Angie's 7 Clown Circus.


natalee said...

found your blog and im glad i did im following you now....

Jenni said...

Sera - so glad Kaylee is on the mend! You should totally send a copy of this blog entry to Caitlin and her supervisors at the hospital. She deserves some recognition at a job that is probably pretty thankless at times.

Lisa Anne said...

When my Dad was in the hospital we had a few great nurses too. You know jus tlike her that went above and beyond and always made sure to visit even if they were not assigned. Then there were the other ones who were rude and rough and mean. After seeing my Dad in the hospital I have a lot of respect for the nice nurses. They are amazing and my heros!! It was them who kept my dad alive when he coded. It was them who sat with him all night in ICU when he was in a como on a ventilator. It was them that would call us to give us updates and ensure us that he would be okay when the visitng hours were over. It was them who work double shift just because they didn't want to leave his side after his open heart surgery. I've a new found glory for nurses.

Sera said...

In response to Jenni's comment - they had some recognition forms out in the lobbies, and I filled it out describing how awesome she was. I gave it to her supervisor, and she'll be recognized, get a gift, and get to be considered for the "All Star" team or something like that. I wasn't leaving without making sure her boss knew how amazing she was!

Lisa Anne - I'm so glad he had such dedicated nurses. It's like there are people who were born to do that job, and then there are others who never should have been hired. EVER. We got one such nurse and had her for two of the day shifts, and that was aggravating. But, those good ones are people you will never forget.