Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wordful Wednesday - She's my brave little toaster

My daughter's resiliency has me sitting here completely befuddled.

She's been through the ringer this past month. I've lost count of the number of pediatrician visits she's had. The ER visits have been a bit easier to keep track of as there have been two, but that's two more than any mom wants to have with her child. Ever.

This kid has had bronchitis, breathing treatments, three different antibiotics, a freaking ruptured eardrum, green crusty and gooey junk coming out of her ear, and let's not talk about all the testing - blood, urine, swabs, cultures, ick.

It's too much. It's more than an adult should have to endure, and I can say for damn sure it's more than any kid should have to endure.

Things just kept going downhill, and Friday, after seeing the pediatrician for high fevers and red swelling behind her ear, she said Kaylee needed to straight to the ER. Ok...scary?

Then she told me the reason why she had to go NOW.

She said she was afraid Kaylee may have something called mastoiditis - which, apparently- is an infection that gets into the bone and air pockets behind the ear. The concern, she explained, was that this area is so close to the brain and it needs to be treated immediately and agressively because the worry is that it can spread to the brain.

I can't even describe what went through my mind at that moment, except to say that I'm darn glad I was sitting at the time.

She fussed when she got poked or when the nurses tried to take her vitals or look in her ear, but other than those times, you never would have guessed anything was wrong.

I mean - shoot. The kid ruptured her eardrum and we DIDN'T HAVE A CLUE. She didn't whine and cry. She was still my sweet little Kaylee, and there I was a complete wreck watching this all happen.

She had more testing, IV antibiotics, IV fluids, and a CT scan of her head. I will never be able to erase the image of her getting all wrapped up in the protective equipment and having them wrap her little head like a mummy around the thing she was laying on to keep her head from moving while they did the scan.

All I could do was stand back while a room full of people, including the doctor - just in case something went wrong - hurried here and there and talked in low voices while my baby was crying and I couldn't DO anything. I couldn't comfort her or make it stop.

We eventually got transferred to a children's hospital a couple hours away to see a specialist and to have Kaylee admitted for more IV antibiotics.

It was a rather long weekend, but we finally got to come home yesterday. I'm so happy to say that she's doing phenomenal. Her body responded really well to the IV medicine and there was no need for surgical intervention, and everything on her CT indicated that the infection never made its way to the bone. We were incredibly lucky.

To be honest, I'm feeling a bit out of sorts. I've had some good talks with Dennis and with my mom, but I'm still having a hard time just processing everything that happened, and I've got a lot of thoughts floating around in my head, so the tone of my posts may be a little bit different for a little while since I finally actually have some time to ponder things. It sure sheds perspective on so many aspects of my life, and it's really made me take a step back and be thankful for things.

Here are some pictures of my brave little toaster during our crazy little weekend away from home.


Remember her newfound fascination with fashion and her insistence on wearing certain things? After digging through her bag, she found these and just had to wear them.



Going home - finally...



I am SO proud of her. OH, so proud. She is amazing and resilient and such a fighter. I am so proud to be her mom.

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Pippa said...

Scary, but so cute in the glasses!

April said...

Oh Sera, I am so sorry yall had to go through all that. How scary. I am so glad she is doing better. Now it's time to take that deap breath I am sure you couldn't take all weekend. She looked like such a trooper in those beautiful pictures.

cat said...

Oh gosh, I am so sorry you had to go through all this. My twins, especially the one little man, has also had an incredibly rough time until we found out he has allergies and since we started treating them, things are going better.

I wish you months and months of good health.

blueviolet said...

Your precious little fighter has just had enough! I'm glad she rode home proudly in that wagon!

Lisa Anne said...

It's moments like this that only make us stronger. WE have to look back, learn and live from this. We hug just a little tighter and kiss just a little longer. Lifes unpredicatble.

I'm just thankful your baby is doing well!!

Michelle said...

She is a brave little toaster. I've had to spend some time in the hospital with little ones and I know it isn't any fun!

Allyson said...

oh my gosh, she's just adorable!! she's so strong, just like her momma. i'm so glad things are ok! give that little treasure an extra hug from me tonight :)

Anonymous said...

I can't even imgaine how you are feeling! So glad to hear that your daughter is doing better and that everything is working out.

Jenners said...

Oh Sweetie! How scary! How awful! I can't even imagine what you've been through. I'm sorry I've been a bad bloggy friend and am just finding out about this now. I'm so happy that everything seems to be OK now -- but I'm sure you're going to worry about it until she is 18 years old. And those photos are priceless (though I wish you didn't have to take them.) She looks like a pampered movie star!

Loukia said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that... and sorry she had to go through all of that, too. My oldest son was in the hospital at 12 weeks old and again at 6 months old with a kidney infection, and seeing him then with his IV's and getting ultrasounds and blood work was the worst thing I've ever had to endure. Last year, he got pneumonia and was hospitalized for 2 weeks - IV, blood work, countless x-rays... and he had such a bad case of pneumonia he needed surgery to drain fluid from his lung. He's 100% a-okay, thank God, but I'll never get over how I felt then. It's scary, isn't it?