Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to life...back to reality...

Remember that song from the 90s?, tomorrow we are back to the real world.

Dennis has been home all summer long, and it's been fabulous. I've been able to go grocery shopping solo, he's gotten some great bonding time with Kaylee, and we've had more quality time together as a family.

It's been a much different tune than last summer, when right around this very time I had just been diagnosed with postpartum depression after going 3 months undiagnosed, and we were dealing with all the craziness of adjusting to life with a newborn baby. It was a rather rough summer, to say the least.

So, this summer was nothing short of refreshing. It's sort of bittersweet that Dennis goes back to school tomorrow - we'll miss the extra time together, and I know him and Kaylee will really miss their little daily activities, but it also feels good to get back to the real world. To the way things are 9 months out of the year.

Today I took a practice run at bopping around town with Kaylee. I had to go to Kohl's and Costco, and all summer long, I just left Kaylee at home with Dennis when I ran errands, but not today.

As I was getting ready to leave, I told him I couldn't remember the last time I ran errands with Kaylee, so I'd better go on a trial run today. And, wouldn't ya know - we survived.

It was actually pretty fun to have my little half-pint shopping partner-in-crime with me, grabbing at sparkly necklaces and asking in her little grunting and pointing language to try on shoes (my dream come true!) as we drove by in the cart. She must have sensed that I was trying to get back in the swing of things, because she even kept the fussing to a minimum, which I am not expecting her to do again next time.

So, cross your fingers, sprinkle some holy water, say a prayer - whatever it is you do. There might be a few fits from all of us in the coming days as we adjust to a lot of changes around here.


Summer said...

Oh I miss the days of leaving the house with one kid. How I envy you!


By the way, totally getting into the Duggars now!

Al and Ruth and Noelle said...

We're really sad about the school year starting, too. :( Al had to teach summer school, so he only got 2 weeks off this summer, but I'm NOT READY for the school year to begin!!!!

I bet you'll find the fussing will stay at a minimum - the hardest part of running errands with Noelle right now is getting her in and out of her carseat all the time. She's actually pretty satisfied just looking around as we shop. :)

And THANK YOU for getting that song stuck in my head!!! :)

Katherine Stone said...

It's awesome to see you so happily writing about being with your children after surviving PPD. What a testament to how women can survive and go on to be happy moms!