Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Little moments of dizzy joy.

Last night was a rough night - just stressful and overwhelming and emotional.

Put quite simply, my little dumpling was about to push me over the edge, and I was at my wit's end.

She's been on this crazy napping strike, so I've just been letting her stay in her crib during nap time, even if she's not asleep. She doesn't cry. She just talks. And talks. And talks. (And I have absolutely no idea where she gets that trait...)

Even though she's in there and I'm able to actually get some things done around the house on my own, it still drives me crazy. I'm going in to see if she's awake because there's a monster dump in her diaper or what (because she has a convenient way of crapping either as soon as I lay her down for her nap, or right after she's fallen asleep), or I'm going in there to give her The Look and do my best, "KaaaayLEE? LAY. down. NOW. It's NAP time!" in my low, scary mom voice.

It just drives me nuts. This kid didn't nap for her first year of life, and now, after 6 months of awesome naps every day, she's deciding that naps are maybe, just maybe, something that she's is above at this point in her little life.

Well, apparently spending an entire afternoon confined within the 4 walls of the crib charged her up like the freakin' Energizer Bunny. She was an absolute nut case once we finally let her out, and it made our night so memorable.

As I was trying to feed Kaylee her dinner and she was just messing around and irritating me, Dennis told me he'd stay home from karate because it looked like I needed a break. Praise the Lord, I may not lose my mind after all was my first thought...

So, I step into another room to get my composure back, and before long, Kaylee's out of her highchair and creating little whirlwinds all throughout our house.

She starts making this noise she does when she gets really excited about something. To me, it sounds like she's about to hyperventilate, but she gets the crazy baby eyes and this huge trouble-making grin, and then she proceeds to start spinning around in circles and laughing her head off. Then she takes off to try and walk straight and looks nothing short of a 2 1/2 foot tall drunk.

She had to be doing this for a good 15 minutes. And every time she fell down, she'd laugh at herself and get back up to do it again.

The kid drove me absolutely nuts yesterday.

Then, on that same day, all I could do was sit back, laugh my butt off at her, and realize that - without a doubt - one of the reasons she was brought into my life was to remind me not to take life to seriously...to just let go of the stress and the tension - to realize that what really matters is forgetting about all the other junk taking up space in my head and causing me stress - what matters is enjoying little moments like that and just laughing.

So, that's exactly what I did last night. And I enjoyed every minute.


becca said...

I am so with you in it driving me NUTS when Luke is in his crib not sleeping. I leave him there because he's not crying and I KNOW he needs to rest but I still feel guilty that if he's awake, I should be with him! But I need downtime too or I'll go NUTS! I loved this post... so true that we have to ENJOY all of their crazy, funny, silly, pure happy moments - it's joy at it's best.

Summer said...

Aweeee, Sera you are so my favorite!!! Love that we have the same life. ha ha!

And you are an amazing mama!

Alicia said...

oy vey!! i know the feeling sister!!! when the oldest 2 gave up naps i seriously just wanted to cry...i wouldn't accept it! but as long as you can laugh and smile through out the day and find those tender moments then heck, its all good... but next time she does that VIDEO TAPE IT!!!

Yer Mom said...


You crack me up. I was laughing out loud by the end of your post! I'm glad you started laughing about it.

Sassy Chica said...

So glad you were able to laugh about it. My kids never boycotted naps and thank goodness, I prob would have lost my mind!

That was sweet for your hunny to stay home from Karate.

Sassy Chica

I posted part 2 of Vegas

Molly said...

2 1/2 foot tall drunk...haha! This was my day today! My, oh my. Why is it so hard to just laugh at them and not worry about the tupperware everywhere?

Anonymous said...

My little one isn't taking naps, and still won't go to bed early.

Jenners said...

Good for you for "seizing the moment" and just enjoying it. Though I hear you ... when my Little One gave up his naps altogether, it was one of the worst days of my life. It happens and it is horrible. You'll adjust though. The advantage (at least for me) is that he went to bed earlier and sleeps really good at night.