Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordful Wednesday - Watch out, kids - she bites!

See that kid? That one on the right? She's mine. And she's a biter.

Up until Monday, the worst thing I'd heard whenever I picked her up from someone's house who watched her was, "Yeah. She used a blue crayon to color on the dog."

No big thang, right?

Yesterday one of my best friends, who happens to have a daughter just a couple months younger than Kaylee, watched her for me.

We decided when the girls were just weeks old that they'd be each other's BFF, and now we can say they are well on their way.

I arrived to pick Kaylee up and asked how she did. My friend said she did great, but that there was one little incident. Oh, crap! Not my sweet little child (who is nothing short of a little pistol) - no!

She totally bit Maggie's finger, which made Maggie cry, and then Kaylee started crying. My friend said she didn't even have to scold Kaylee. She just looked at her and said, "Kaylee!!!" and she could tell that Maggie's crying was enough of a lesson.

So that picture above is Kaylee giving Maggie a hug after what we now call "the incident."

The looks on each of their faces just kill me. I love it.


the girl said...

Great picture. Your daughter is a sweetie. Her friend could have done something to make her want to bite. Just kidding! Thanks for sharing and happy WW. Take care.

Allyson said...

awww it's hard to scold them when they are so gosh darn cute! my little guy has only bit one time at daycare, and i hope that's the only time. ;)

Lisa Anne said...

Okay the twitter pop up thing you have going on here has got to go. It forever for ME to get to your comments page cause it kept poping up. grr.

Anyway my son was a biter and it took a few years for him to grow out of it.

angie said...

My twins went through a phase where they bit each other all the time.

Good luck. :)

Deb said...

oh now that is too funny! once you have one 'incident' under your belt, the subsequent ones get a bit less nerve-wracking!! love the photo of the BFF cuties.

Ashley said...

Awwww. :) Definitely save this picture for when they get older.

Connie Weiss said...

My daughter is a biter and it drives me crazy. I can not get her to stop.

Very cute picture...glad they made up!

Jenners said...

Well, it happens. It would only be bad if she didn't feel bad!!!

Funny (kind of) story: My son's friend bit a girl while waiting for the bus. He got in big trouble. The next day, he asked my son to bite the girl FOR him. Thankfully, my son said no.

A Kindergarten Biting Hit Man! I told the kid's mom and we both kind of laughed ... but then he got in trouble again.

hotpants™ said...

No doubt, this picture is priceless.

Autumn Twig said...

Heyy!! :) how have you been doing. I am back online after ages. Great to see your daughter (even though she bites) :D